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Every business needs something that makes it stand out. Maybe your company distributes original literature or innovative inventions. You might have a specific logo or slogan that your customers associate with you. If so, you need an intellectual property attorney to protect your ideas and products. You can rely on the Ritchison Law Offices PC in Pendleton, IN to help you do just that.

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Protect your ideas

You have specific concerns and goals when it comes to your business. Whether you're just starting out or dealing with intellectual property disputes, you want reliable legal support. You should turn to attorney Ritchison when you need a:

If you want to exclude others from using, making or selling your invention for a certain amount of time, you may want to look into design and utility patents.

If you want to protect the logos, symbols, phrases and words associated specifically with your brand, you may want to reserve them for your use through a trademark.

If you have produced published or unpublished original literature, art, choreography or music, a copyright will give you the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute or perform your work.

If you're beginning to form an LLC and want to make sure you're complying with governance requirements, or if you're dealing with corporate disputes, you'll need legal advice.

You want to protect your intellectual property. Having a trademark, patent and copyright lawyer in your corner makes the process much easier. Attorney Ritchison can help you establish official property and handle infringements and other related disputes.

Consult a seasoned lawyer

When you need an intellectual property attorney, you want to work with a knowledgeable and experienced law firm. The Ritchison Law Offices PC has been serving entrepreneurs and business owners since 2002. Plus, attorney Ritchison has over 25 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, making him uniquely qualified to assist with patents, trademarks and copyrights.

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